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Both golds for RioBotz at the Roadsec national event! Micro Maloney and Micro Touro won gold and silver among the Antweights, facing each other in a no holds bar final. Our D2 Mini Puma was gold undefeated among the Beetleweights, against 2 vicious horizontal spinners and 3 drumbots, with lots of air time.


Os 2 ouros do campeonato nacional da Roadsec são da RioBotz! Micro Maloney e Micro Touro fizeram dobradinha ouro e prata na categoria Antweight (454g). Mini Puma foi ouro invicto na Beetleweight (1.4kg), vencendo de 2 horizontal spinners e 3 tambores poderosos, com muitos voos de ambos os lados.


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