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Pontifícia Universidade Católica - PUC-Rio is is one of the most important institutions of higher education in Brazil. Philanthropic and non-profit organization, was founded in 1940.  In 2016, PUC-Rio was ranked as the fifth best university in Latin America by Times Higher Education magazine. is the number 1 manufacturer of custom LiPo batteries for RC hobby and commercial grade quadcopters and rc vehicles. MaxAmps Lipo batteries are the best way to upgrade your DJI and Traxxas batteries. They can custom build with any voltage or capacity you require.


Big Blue Saw offers waterjet and laser cutting services, delivering high-quality custom parts at a fair price. BBS can quote, cut and ship parts faster than local machine shops with less bureaucracy and no minimum orders. BBS guarantees that the parts you receive will be the highest quality waterjet and laser cut parts available.

MGM Controllers produces top of quality speed controllers, straight from the Czech Republic. They make controllers for different electric motors and power levels. Their customers include hobbyists, the armed forces and universities.


Scorpion Power System Ltd is our quality brushless power system provider. Their products can take the heat of competition and come back for more, powering our high performance combat robots. But Scorpion motors are not limited to competition use, they also perform exceptionally well in all types of electric RC models.

Treffer is a Brazilian company that works in commercial representation, mainly in robotics. They’re the official representatives of Maxon Motor in Brazil. They wish to make a connection between the national and the international market, searching the best for its brazilian customers.

Circuibras was established in 1985, in Curitiba - Brazil, they manufacture circuit boards of low and high complexity. They can make multilayer boards up to 24 layers. They make custom boards and also provide large scale quantities for industries. They have certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and ISO 9001.

FingerTech is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures custom components for robotics, like electronics, mechanical parts and accessories. Their main market is schools, makers, combat robots, hobbyists and robotics enthusiasts.

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We believe the participation of your company in our projects will be a great opportunity to improve our work and continue to be the robot competition team with most awards in the world. This partnership is also another opportunity to generate a direct impact on robotics competition, through the training of future engineers, encouraging the growth of a sport that attracts more and more people everyday worldwide. In addition, the partnership with RioBotz is a practical and concrete way to strengthen the identification of future professionals with your brand and see it inserted in the daily lives of these people.

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